The radiator fan plays a very important role in proper automobile functioning. The primary function of the radiator fan, also known as the engine cooling fan, is to cool the radiator by regulating the engine temperature. The radiator fan is mounted between the radiator and engine, though for some vehicles it could lie between the grille and the radiator. The radiator fan has to be of the highest quality, so make sure to get them from the renowed auto parts Abu Dhabi.

Depending on the design and layout of the cooling system, the heat from the engine will be absorbed and stored in the radiator. The radiator fans sold by the auto spare parts companies in Dubai have a set of blades attached to a hub. These can be all metal or plastic, and come in different designs to accommodate their purpose in the vehicles where they are to be placed. The blades of the fan will also differ, it could be long, short, curved or straight.

It would also be interesting to note that the radiator fan comes in different configurations. So you have the electric radiator fan, mechanical radiator fan, single radiator fan, dual radiator fan and so on.

What does the radiator fan do?

The primary role of the cooling fan from the renowed auto parts Abu Dhabi would be to prevent the engine from overheating. So the fan will regulate the engine temperature by moving the air through the radiator code. This happens when the vehicle is in motion. The forward motion of the car will force air through the front grill and the radiator. This will help in dissipating the excess heat generated while the engine is running. Proper functioning of the radiator fan ensures that there is no overheating of the engine, and so no damages caused as a result of that. The radiator fan does that by pulling or pushing air, and when the vehicle isn’t moving or is under heavy stress, then it will provide extra airflow to prevent overheating.

What happens when the radiator fan fails?

So, what happens when the radiator fan doesn’t function as it should? Here’s how you can notice the signs:

Overheated engine

The first obvious sign is the overheated engine. If you check the temperature gauge of your vehicle, you would see that the needle is constantly in the red zone, and that there are some problems with the heat dissipation process. This will not resolve itself and can lead to severe engine damage. Take it to a trusted mechanic and repair or replace the radiator fan.

The fun is running continuously

The fan is meant to stop when the engine reaches a specific temperature, and then start again when the temperature rises. This is how the engine temperature is regulated. If the fan doesn’t stop and keeps running even when the engine is cold, then it could be the indication of a radiator fan problem. If left as it is, it could drain the battery completely and will even affect fuel efficiency.

Unusual sounds coming from the fan

A malfunctioning fan makes a lot of noise. Common sounds are grinding and humming when the fan attempts to run. This will not go away on its own, and might even lead to expensive repairs. If the fan is old, it might start making such noises. In such cases, make sure to buy the fan from reputed auto spare parts companies in Dubai.

Buying radiator fans from renowed auto parts Abu Dhabi will ensure their longevity and quality. Make sure there are no compromises in the quality of the spare parts when you buy them, because they determine the health of your vehicle too.

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