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The heart of a car is a lead acid battery. Similar to how the human heart pumps blood throughout the body, the automobile battery fuels the vehicle, or more specifically, its parts. Of all the crucial parts of an automobile, the lead acid battery has a variety of duties and functions to perform. While selecting the batteries for your car, a lot of considerations are at play. Battery capacity, guarantee, serviceable area, and battery brand are a few of them. The cost of a car battery varies depending on these elements. If you are looking for the best car batteries in UAE, Popular Auto Parts has a varied collection.

Features of a car battery

  1. The powerhouse of a car – At first glance, you might not consider a car battery to be such an essential piece of machinery. A lead acid battery is a straightforward cubical container that houses the both positive and negative plates as well as chemical mixture. The electrolyte solution is the name given to this chemical concoction. The cost of a car battery is frequently based on the battery’s capacity and strength. Because it performs all the functions of a powerhouse for society, lead acid batteries are rightly referred to as the engine of the automobile. The car’s lead acid battery produces and stores energy for usage in a variety of future demands. Through constant research and market upgrades, Popular Auto Parts is always the trusted resource for best car batteries in UAE.
  2. Powers the ignition system – When we consider the ignition system, we immediately think of the car key. Or the Start button in the case of many modern automobiles. The ignition system serves a single objective. The purpose of this signal is to tell the battery to provide the highest voltage possible so that it can be sent to each spark plug individually, igniting the fuel in the combustion chamber. Even though it seems simple, the process is entirely and completely reliant on the energy provided by the battery. So, it is important to look after the battery and keep it charged in case it doesn’t ignite when it’s most needed.
  3. Engine Won’t Start Without a Battery – As was mentioned before, the battery plays a critical part in the ignition process. So, it is apparent that if the battery is weak or dead, the ignition won’t operate and the power needed to start the engine won’t be present. There are distinct energy needs for each car model. The battery needs to be a suitable fit for every make and model due to the complicated systems like lamps, ACs, stereos, and other electrical components used nowadays. They search for Cold Cranking Amps in engines (CCA). The battery’s CCA rating impacts its capacity or ability to start a certain car when the temperature drops significantly. Low CCA ratings indicate poor performance in cold weather, and starting power improves as CCA increases. CCA rating may occasionally affect how much a car battery cost.
  4. The Electrical System’s Brain – The desire for higher battery performance has increased along with the reliability and efficiency of electrical devices. Today’s consumers of the latest generation demand power windows, power steering, and stereos. With the already existing parts like headlamps, brake lights, indicators, horns, wipers, and similar items, new components have increased energy usage. All the energy required by the car is supplied solely by the lead acid battery. Check out our options because we have a good variety of them, making us one of the best battery suppliers in Abu Dhabi.
  5. Energy-saving regulator – Once the engine is going and the car is moving, the lead acid battery continues to function. In fact, it continues to function while you are operating the vehicle. Every time you require electricity, the battery is working hard to produce and supply it to multiple elements. Because of the excessive use of some of the parts, voltage spikes are possible when the automobile is moving. In these circumstances, the battery serves as a surge protector, absorbing the excess power to guard against potential electrical system damage.

We know the value of placing quality batteries in your automobiles. Hence forth, Popular Auto Parts offers the finest builder warranty and 100% authentic batteries. The batteries also come with standard protection plans and Battery Health Check Ups. These services help to maintain the health of Batteries, extend their lives, and prevent unexpected failures.

Just get in touch with us, and we can help you get the right battery for your automobile. We have the largest collection of AMARON batteries, along with products from ENERGIZER, AC DELCO, EXIDE, PANASONIC, ADDO, VARTHA, MAX, SUZUKI, BOSCH, GS, NOVA, and POWER ZONE.

Types of car batteries

A car’s battery is quite compact but is essential to the smooth functioning of the vehicle. Even all the characteristics of our current autos are appropriately operated by it. They cover everything from radios and electrical sunroofs to power brakes and steering. Of course, the battery is also in charge of the starter motor’s operation, which in turn is in charge of starting the vehicle. A battery’s life is eventually shortened to the point where it is useless. If you are looking for battery suppliers in Abu Dhabi, then Popular Auto Parts will be your final destination. That said, here are the most typical automobile battery types and a comparison of them in case you decide to replace it.

1. Lead Acid Battery

2. VRLA Batteries

3. Lithium Ion Battery

4. Sodium Ion Battery

5. Solid State Battery

Understanding different kinds of car batteries and their specifications are crucial. The reason for this is that a battery is essential to the way a car operates. It holds a lot of electricity and, if handled improperly, can harm the electrical system. The engine will be worthless if the starter motor suffers damage. Also, replacing it is rather expensive.

Also, when a replacement is necessary, having the precise car battery specifications on hand will help. Similarly, an electrical system may suffer significant harm from a battery that delivers a larger or lower current. If you operate your car in areas with severe weather, you should also take the CCA and CA of car batteries into account. If you use the wrong battery in these circumstances, you could suffer from subpar performance as well as increased costs because the battery’s life would be shorter.

Looking for battery suppliers in Abu Dhabi? Then, Popular Auto Parts is the right supplier for you. Feel free to call us at 8003969

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