The engine lubrication system is the process of reducing friction in the machine by dispensing oil to the moving parts of your car. Lubrications have an immense role in bringing smooth working conditions to automotive engines. Compared to the manual lubrication technique, automatic lubrication has a wide range of advantages. Let’s find out how it helps you increase the life expectancy of the car with lesser maintenance charges. Lubrication plays a crucial role in the working efficiency of moving equipment and brings you the finest experience with rotating equipment. As a reputed lubricant supplier in the UAE, we are here to help you to know more about lubrication.

Our appropriate lubrication solutions help you to reduce early working let-downs and bring comprehensive productivity and efficiency to your engine. Using quality lubricants on your car will definitely improve its working condition, and ensure its optimal working capacity.


As discussed earlier, lubrication is an important process to maintain the longevity of the engine. It helps you to reduce the resistance between the surfaces, so choosing the right lubrication system is extremely important. When it fails to work properly, it creates more complications like equipment failure, excess heat, and many other disgusting conditions. Automotive lubricants keep your engine nourished with fine fluidic materials to keep your vehicle looking shiny and healthy always. Various types of lubricants are available primarily to reduce impairment, friction, and oxidation by improving the overall working condition of your car. It helps you to get rid of screechy brakes and weeping engines. Here are the most common types of lubricants:


This lubricant is specifically used for various gear units like manual transmissions, transaxles, differentials, automotive manual transmissions, bevels, helical gearboxes and pieces of machinery, etc. use high-quality gear oils for protecting the internal parts of the gear system and control heating.


It is the finest lubricant oil, engine oil is usually used in engine parts for reducing friction, and it acts as an anti-oxidative, detergent, sludge resistive, and dispersant for engine life optimization.


Hydraulic oils and greases are essential to increase the power of the hydraulic system by its transmission. It transfers heat, removes contamination, and is the best source of lubrication. As a top lubricant supplier in the UAE, we use good quality fluids to protect your automotive engines.


As a typical automobile lubricant, automotive grease is the best technique to avoid early wear and tear to diverse automobiles for agriculture, building, and industrial applications. Being the best lubricant supplier in UAE, we use automotive grease for smoothness for heavy greasing. It maximises the verge of your automobile with its additional thickeners and extracts.

So, as we conclude, lubrication is one of the essential parts of engine maintenance. As the best lubricant supplier in UAE, we are here to help you to deliver the best quality lubricants for maintaining your automotive engines.

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