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Popular Tyre, which started out small, has a solid distribution network that spans the entire world today.

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Since Our Establishment In 1979, Popular Auto Parts has grown to be stalwarts in the field of Auto Parts Suppliers In The UAE. We ensure competence And credibility through our service, so every product and support Package is carefully selected to complement and strengthen our service to our ever-growing customer base. If you are looking for responsible auto Spare Parts suppliers in UAE, then Popular Auto Parts is the final destination.

We deal with a wide range of auto parts for some of the top automotive brands in the world today, like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mazda, KIA, Mercedes, BMW, Renault, Peugeot, Mopar, Infinity, And Lexus. We have branches in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and 13 different outlets in Abu Dhabi, two In Sharjah, three in Dubai, and two in Al Ain. Popular Auto Parts deals in wholesale, retail, and export of Spare Parts on a global scale.

Popular Auto Spare Parts Suppliers in UAE

Avoid letting a minor issue today turn into a major headache tomorrow. With replacement components from Popular Auto Parts, you can stop that creaky brake, knocking engine, or squeaking starter and save money in the long run.

We offer any parts or tools you need so you can drive confidently on the road. Be it reliable car parts for a big problem or a small one or if you’re just shopping for auto accessories, we are the top auto spare parts suppliers in UAE.

We consistently and diligently perform strict quality checks to ensure that we have listed only the best quality car parts in Dubai.

You can browse our whole parts catalogue online and get the parts you require at our nearby auto parts store. Finding the proper parts is simple with our car part lookup feature; simply choose the category or part you require and input the year, make, model, and engine of your vehicle at the top of this screen to locate the right match. You can also shop by VIN and input your vehicle identification number if you are unsure of all the details about your car.

We have a sizable parts inventory in our database, so you can find parts for almost every car on the road right now. So if you’re seeking quick fixes like replacing wiper blades or light bulbs, we have those too. We offer auto parts for more critical problems like replacement batteries, broken starter, or even body work. We always keep ourselves updated on the latest market trends in spare parts collections and upgrade our inventory. Being one of the top car parts suppliers in Dubai, we always make sure that the spare parts you are seeking are readily available.

We offer both genuine OEM and aftermarket parts and they perform as well as the original parts or OE. OE stands for Original Equipment, therefore you can be confident that your replacement parts will function as well as the original ones. The term “OEM” (original equipment manufacturer) refers to the company that created the part, even though it may not have been an original piece of equipment.

Additionally, you can also read up on our auto ‘how-to’ instructions to learn ‘how to repair various components and systems on your automobile’. It covers a wide range of topics, from a breakdown of a car’s fundamental components to recommendations on routine maintenance and repairs and diagnostic techniques.

Our catalogue has been neatly and methodically arranged so you can easily search and order the required car parts in Dubai. Popular auto parts makes this process simple so you can easily browse through the catalogue and pick what you need.. To locate all that you require to buy your auto parts online, browse the Popular auto parts catalogue. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your car, the Popular auto parts at your neighbourhood shop can use the option  ‘Repair Finder’, our specialised technology, to diagnose your car’s condition and figure out a solution. Our service over the years and the quality of spare parts that we sell have rightfully placed us among the top car parts suppliers in Dubai.

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